moto classique

moto classique started with a meal at the poteaupré. it was nice talking people who are as much interested and dedicated to their “niche” as we are … i suddenly realised we are not the only nutters around. cardrivers, bikers, tuners … we are all the same … just full of love for our hobby.

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moto classique 076

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jean got us in the party tent, and we have (several) beers before driving back to our gite and losing a fuchs hubcap (but that’s another story).

moto classique 065

just before we drove of to the reichskanseliers bunker … the sun was out. quite windy tough …

moto classique 005

bunker H

this bunker, constructed in mai 1940, not very far from chimay is very small, only a protected area from 6 to 8 sq meter with walls of 3 to 4 m thickness, made to widstand the bombing capacity of that moment. here was the HQ to follow the blitzkrieg trough belgium and france. later in the 1940, the HQ was relocalised in the black forest in germany.

back to the bikes, at the track…

moto classique 011

german, italian, english …

moto classique 012

and check out detailing on these bikes.

i looked into results of one clas and realised they did the track in an average time of 149km/hr. not bad … for old bikes, driven by old guys. the most fantastic moment i had was when a leading bike came trough the corner, accelerated this hard in the corner, that his frontwheel went high … and wheelied the rest of the corner ! the crowd went mad !

moto classique 015

i’ll take two please …

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