damn, more than 10 days and not one post ? must have been something really big that happened in my life ! yes … the euro bug in was last weekend, and i am “starting” to get recovered from this exhausting weekend. as i was quite busy, i did not have the possibility to get alot of pictures… as always, you start with good intentions … you start taking pictures … and then … a big blanc ! so the pictures here are mostly from other people …


this is how i look 1 day after the event. using every spare 15 minutes to have a nap.


it all started with empty tents, and a blue sky, that lasted all weekend long …


and then … it gets busy … this pictures show a place where alot of beetles and other aircooled vw’s are … but the images are from sunday afternoon, alot of people started packing allready, so this place was double packed on saturday ! madness !!! (i love it !)


several cars where outstanding, and made the day for all the spectators and participants being around.


old and young were happy to see the undiscovered bodylines of brasilia’s… a real down to earth stance or a highly detailed subchassis to give it off road characteristics.


it was quite funny, how i tried to caption the lowerness of this car. even funnyier was that team T2D took two trophies home: one WORST of show (matt balls we luv ya) and one BEST of show, for that whiter than white brazilia. if you had white teeth as white as this white brasilia, you could light up a room at night, just by smiling, believe me. (too much white in this scentense, i think…)


anyway, i am very curious to see more pictures of you guys … so help me out here… POST YOUR LINKS WITH PICTURES IN COMMENT, and share them with your blog friends !

thx to all ! cya ffred.

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