rain out in budel, but a nice show anyway, we had a nice setup with a naked chick inside our bus (or a very low top?).

i was equally impressed with a new ride inside the untouchable undutchables club … a black notchback, with a very nice interior, and that, my friends is the secret of a nice type three. a nice and good original interior cracks me up. 🙂

and this lady in the professionals area had a great salesstand, selling only "real moemoet" steering wheel covers (buy one for 1euro or 2+1 for free) AND i was amazed how many people bought these knitted toiletroll covers. i got fond memories of a light blue one in my grandfathers lada … we used it as toiletpaper, because there was no toiletpaper anymore … LOL

anyway here’s another  undutchables shot …

it’s like porn … you really had to see these two notches ! damn !!!

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  1. Hallo Fred,

    Leuk, dat je met de retro toiletrolhoedjes even terug in de tijd bij je opa ben geweest!

    tot volgend Budel!



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