dude, do I dream of a project like this ! check out the website of the 15OO club for more pictures of this insane project. it’s perfection in type three form !

t3 kingsbury birch
I bet he has even a perfect explanation for the non german factory form of the white roof on the C pillars. 🙂


  1. Hey Freddy! Thanks for posting pictures of my car! :))) If you’d like to see even more pictures, go to, click on the ‘Works in Progress’ tab, and then click on the picture of the car. Over 400 photos!
    Regarding the roof, we are about 99% positive this was a dealer add-on. As you know, you could only purchase a Birch Green car with a Black roof. However, Everett from the Samba was able to provide me pictures of this car when it sold from the original family to the second owner, and the roof was white at that time as well. The white paint on the roof had the same exact lines as the VW factory would have done, and the paint was definitely looking its age. We have therefore concluded (and we hope we are correct!) that the dealership in Hannover, Germany, must have added this white paint to the roof at the original owner’s request, or once the car was on the lot.
    Rob Kingsbury


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