VOLKSWORLD 2012 – blacked out !



nice blacked out Volksworld 2012 edition with those two very early cars … one the first real fast volkswagen created for the berlin-rome competition in 1939 and the other … a real gem, a real treasure that came in the hands of the Grundmann Family. they’ve gone all the way to restore it, and show it to you. Actually, IMHO, we can be proud that we have this motivated people amongst us in the VW crowd !

Back in Bizz

freddyfiles 2012

After the KNK and T2D crew FREDDYFILES 2012 … we’re back with more car culture and eye kandy, … now counting down the days to the HOT ROD & CUSTOM show in CHIMAY, check the website HERE, and later on in the season we’ll have our 10th edition of the DDD of course ! we’ll keep you posted trough our blogs, and their respectively websites.