other machinery at DDD8


besides of the creme de la creme of aircooled machinery, there were some funky “normal” cars at the track also. forgive me my obsession with the VOLVO 850 T5 estate line, but having some fond memories of this car with his 240hp fed front transmission in an era where there weren’t any radar poles i was obliged to inspect this green 850TR … look at the license plate … Turbo R T5 850

alpina 323.jpg

this alpina remembered me of a friend who wanted to race another guy at the traffic lights. i sat next to him when lights turned green and he took off … backwards, since the shifting pattern in his really low mileage 323 was really strange (backwards was left -front)

AMG 1.jpg

Anyone knowing me, knows i am a sucker for the AMG lines of Mercedes. These “too fast cars” really need a light foot to be driven within legal circumstances. This Mercedes got spanked by volkswagens and other machinery all day long … he should consider trading his car in for the 6.2 model 🙂 the 6.2 evolution really is an engine with a HOT ROD feeling.

AMG 2.jpg