I’m back from the 1.mai kafertreffen in hannover. i was quite impressed by the amount of motivated german aircoolers taht showed up. it is always funny to meet people around the showground taht you know, and live near your door at about 550km from here (you know who you are 🙂


it all started with a cruize, a diner where you couldn’t eat, because there were to many people enjoying those apparently very nice burgers i saw being served (drewl)


the show on 1.mai showed us a very nice DFL stand, very nice restored cars, several freak cars, and some oddities…


like this high roof early bay, for whom i clearly had a weak spot… lose the eyebrows (please) and your car is allll okay !


this was my stand, not too big, but it had all sweet ebi goodies available … please come by real soon on the next shows we will be attending !