early pics

i gotta be honest: this thread on the cal look forum from norway really got me going.


I was stunned of all the pictures and stories that came up. long lost pictures, and memories that came with them. i looked in my harddisk, but could not find any pictures older than 2003. so i finally digged up the old wooden box with the oldstyle pictures. here are some of them. you can call me lazy, but the scanner i have is a major ***PITA*** ! so i just digitalised them by taking a picture.

i dunno why … but alot of my pictures were from 1995 …




first three pics are clearly from 1995. zumbo, rowan, and a very young alain strolling around in merksem. you gotta know i even did not know these guys by then. just random pictures, were later-on friends are appearing…


david at Ancy Le Franc … same thing here ! not knowing david, but liking his car, and making a picture.


i think this was 1996 in the UK, not sure might be Michels Lowlight. (or MVR show in mechelen ?)


at a certain paris show, where we met a new member of the SVW staff … Julien David, and we drank a whole weekend’s of likor on just half a day being bored to death by all tuning cars around us. alain cleaning his ride.

michel and alain, i hope you guys are having the time of your lives up there. (RIP)


never went to this one, but still have the flyer…


hey mike, you see, i also have a picture of you in that buggy !


hey Jojo, where are you ?


and finally, a 2002 shot from dyno don, and my lovely wife isabel, during the raffle at the 2002 classic. (we did not know who this funny guy behind the mike was by then… but we sure do now! hahaha) (oh, i always liked the shirt btw …)

i hope to sit back and think over where i left all these other pictures, from in between … 1995-2002 is almost a blank over here. anyway, i keep you guys posted !