VO WO 2009 …

here are the cars that were really top for me at the VOWO show. for me, it was a nice edition, i went there with the bugin bus, without any problems, alltough a torough check up of the compression is needed (alltough a certain tech editor from VOWO) 😉 anyway, lots of fun, in the bugin bus driving there and back, and on the show itself !


(australian “panel” buggy … slammed as hell … !)


Dyno Pincher from stéfane stunned me. hope to see it racing at EBI3


the kerbsnake was top of the bill for me … ultra low, and ultra white, it seemed it was soooo white … never seen anything white like that. radiant white car, with red small biscuit interior worked really well !


yes i do have a weakness for black type threes… this 62 was really nice !


type three set up included this ultra cool white with brown interior and the squareblack.


vintage literature is allways appreciated…


nice to see the ex-jonas uhland car again. the car caused quite a stir, when it came out on its BRMs and a rake in about 95-96?


and off course … the matador from the busbox was quite … lets say special. soooo low, and i guess frikken fast … the fastest way in 50 years to transport your ETERNIT plates !

hope to see you all again at the vowo show 2010 !