street vws vol.66

alltough i cannot read one word – or character from the japanese magazine “STREET VWs” these people got me really hooked on their magazine… seeing is believing ! and it is a real pleasure how to see that other cultures see and live and re-live our events as seen in their magazines : check it out yourself :


cover looks promissing… it’s a bus special, with a RED HOT drawing of the PORN bus by kieftenklok (on the left)


porn bus in da flesh …



a three pager with a pic of the bugin bus… hmmmm


a four pager of kurts standard 67, … nice “FREDDYFILES” cameo just above radio …


a four pager of our nostalgia’s friend empi GTV


russels exotic panel van done by typethreedetectives. hmmmm. baby, give me more.


kinky mick’s wheelstand as seen on the european bug in 2 made quite an impression on the japanese photographers …


and in RED HOT (the guy from the nice car-cartoons-and-posters) STREET column, a BUGGY special with alot of buggys, as seen on the europeanbugin, and even a special block on BOB’s (from ) buggy KIDS special as set out on the european bugin 2…

as you see… what a magazine !!! it just keeps me going on !!!