vanfest 2008

after a holiday in spain, and some busy days of working it was time to head for the vanfest. being a vanfest-virgin i really did not know what to expect. now, IT WAS – IT IS MASSIVE ! apart from the fact that every other show i went to this season was totally soaked, vanfest included, i really enjoyed myself watching all those bus-nutters go crazy. i found out several things.

1. SCOTTY really is a time(warp) traveller … beam me up … scotty


2. NEVER FORGET YOUR “wally’s” (new word for me) our you will have to buy fancy ones at the show itself


3. THE A-TEAM revamped their BUS


4. BRITS KNOW THEIR busses !


thank you all for this wonderfull weekend to all the lovely people i have met, and especially sorry to the lady who had to push my van out of the mud and fell herself in a puddle of 5 inches of mud helping me out.

all of you who hesitate to go to vanfest: get your bus ready for next year … !!!