oh, dude, i really love these old postcards that feature old buildings and volkswagens … so i was very happy to find this 1964 stamped postcard featuring a beetle, near the st theresiachurch in my hometown ninove, sent to oostende, ooststraat … i really don’t care about the fold in the corner this time 🙂

st theresia ninove

the church as you see it here was tore down a year or two ago, and gave way to a very modern church. the reason because there is no roof on the tower is … because there never was one on it. when it was time finishing the church with the roof on the tower, ww2 came in, and the church was heavily under fire because raids on gas station further down the road, and like that she was too heavily shot to finish after the war. the church lived another 50 years in this sorry state. habitants of that region litteraly had to dive in their cellars to get out of the way of the stuka’s coming down on them. dude … history lessons trough 1964 postcards with volkswagens …