bend it like bert weekend

well, all i can say is we had a heavenly weekend at the burwell – newmarket area … and it was very nice to see all the people again, now when i am not organising, and when i am not running around getting things done. the trip over seemed to difficult for a certain orange t34, but more about that later, and the trip back seemed abit “blurry” because of all the drinking when we were waiting for that damn eurotunnel train, … anyway, here are some pictures …

leaflet 155

very cool rally grilles at the palomba family

leaflet 159
a low fasty with the right looks

leaflet 186
talking about aussi specs… damn what a weird/nice car !

leaflet 203

talking about that supersexy red interior…

leaflet 198

and about front axles …

leaflet 208

kurt is thinking about a new color for his dj bus, and this color is really close to the F-L blue in their logo …

leaflet 196

some italian porn …

leaflet 162

and a grab handle that won’t be for sale for grabs …

leaflet 168

a well known black car (blacker as a black mans a**)

leaflet 214

and a retro fasty 90-ies looker with retro t3d publicity in the back …

it was a good weekend, oooh man, all this type three and type two porn, damn i love it ! later some more about the trip back and about a bent beam (and car) keep posted on and